Our signature hot chocolate

“Wow!” That’s generally the first comment when we deliver one of our hot chocolates to the table.

Resting on a locally made timber tray sits all you need to construct your own hot chocolate heaven. In your hug mug is a little of our own chocolate sauce made from rich extra brut cocoa powder. At the other end is a jug of hot milk. Nestled between is your hot chocolate bomb. Each bomb contains a flavoured ganache waiting to be melted into your milk. The finishing touch is a homemade marshmallow.

Creating your hot chocolate is a little bit of theatre as your watch the milk melt through the hollow top half and then the milk change colour as all the chocolatey goodness melts into it.

There are heaps of option to choose from, so you might have to visit a few times…


  • Just chocolate: milk chocolate outside and a dark chocolate ganache (chocolate and cream) inside
  • Add a freshly brewed coffee shot for a chocolatey mocha
  • Garden mint: a dark ball with a white chocolate mint ganache flavoured with two varieties of mint we grow in our organic herb garden
  • Blood orange: the darkest of the lot, with blood orange pulp in the ganache
  • Hazelnut: Gianduja chocolate (milk chocolate with hazelnut paste) in milk chocolate with a drizzle of gold chocolate
  • White: just white, no chocolate sauce with this one

Ever had a choc-tail? Add a shot of Kahlua or Frangelico with your choice of flavours

Dairy free / vegan versions available – we drown a dark chocolate frog in soy or almond milk.