‘With all my heart’


Show someone special how much you love them. We’ve added four vanilla caramel ganache hearts and a printed milk chocolate heart  to this lovely bundle. These are normally only available in our Forrest cafe. Also tucked in this pack are dark chocolate almonds, five different chocolate frogs and a ruby chocolate bar for variety and flavour.




This Mother’s Day pack contains:

  • Australian almonds in dark chocolate and tossed in cocoa (150g)
  • Ruby chocolate bar (50g)
  • Printed milk chocolate heart (only available in this pack) (20g)
  • 4 soft-centred Vanilla Caramel Ganache Hearts (only available in this pack) (60g)
  • Pack of 5 frogs, one each in white, gold, milk, ruby and dark chocolate (only available in packs) (100g)

Contains nuts. May contain traces of gluten.

Please indicate in the notes on your order if you would prefer your almonds in milk chocolate.