the 17sec commute


My workday starts like most people’s: I wake up get out of bed take a shower, kit up and leave home. But this is where my day takes a short cut. Unlike most people I don’t get in a car, on a train or ride a bike. I walk 17 sec from the studio to Platypi Chocolate, a unique modern building nestled into the hillside at 73 Grant St, Forrest in the beautiful Otway Ranges.

My day really only gets better from there. I spend my time cooking, chatting to locals, visitors to our region and looking out the panoramic windows 5½ meters up in the tree line. If it’s quiet I might have to slip out for a quick Mountain Bike ride or do some gardening. Of course I have to taste test the product regularly to insure you are getting our best.

Come spend a little quiet time with us and become a little more chilled like we are.